This is exactly why, here at Office Way Automation, we take the utmost pride in our continued service, which is all about providing our customers with ongoing support and services long after their initial investment in our industry-leading equipment and its installation.

Our range of after-sales services, provided directly from our base at various locations, can help significantly boost and optimize your equipment or system’s life cycle performance.

Facility Management Services

Facility Management entails multiple disciplines to ensure a smooth and efficient functioning of the built environment by the comprehensive integration of human resource, systems, technology and domain knowledge of the services provider for delivery of ‘non-core’ engineering support services.

Office Way Automation offers a wide range of operations and maintenance services to ensure efficient functioning of the systems.


Onsite Call Services

Onsite warranty is a term that covers warranty for a particular product and the service technician/service engineer will attend the problem of the product at the same place where it is used.


Remote Services

For consultants and IT help pros who support multiple clients, the standard model of on-site visits not only can get tiresome, but it can also become expensive and less than efficient. That is why adding remote support to your options can be a real boon to your business. Not only will your clients appreciate the additional options, you will find the convenience brings a bit of sanity back into your work day.


Rental or Leasing Services

There are many short-term demands for certain types of products and we can help by providing convenient 3 months to 36 months rentals on this type of equipment. We maintain a huge inventory as well as access to wholesale inventories, which means you can get the equipment you need, when you need it with convenient payment terms.


IT Infra Consulting Services

Our highly skilled experts will help you determine the current state of IT in your company; assist in development of an IT strategy that will open new horizons for business, and successful strategy realization.

Independent expert assessment of IT infrastructure in datacenters or employee’s workplace organization will help you to clearly plan the budget requirements for IT development, assess or predict the outcomes of implementing a solution and set priorities for IT projects.